Lab Affiliates

Sami Maisel

My work in the Gordan lab is centered on further understanding PKA-driven tumors in the broader context of targeting fibrolamellar liver cancer (FLC), a rare malignancy of young adults, with very limited therapeutic options. When I am not working on this project I enjoy making pottery and studying plant-based pharmacology.


Huat Lim, MD

My work in the Gordan Lab involves using computational genomics techniques to investigate the pathophysiology of hepatocellular carcinoma associated with hepatitis B virus infection. I recently finished internal medicine residency at UCSF, and when I’m not doing research, I work as a hospitalist on the inpatient Hematology and Blood/Marrow Transplant service at UCSF Medical Center. Before moving to San Francisco, I attended medical school at the University of Washington, and prior to that I worked as a software engineer and product manager at Amazon and Microsoft. Outside of work, you can often find me chasing my highly energetic preschooler around.